Back Bending

with Melania

Back Bending not only improves breathing and posture but also helps to alleviate and overcome back pain through natural relaxation of the tension we accumulate in all aspects of our lives, at work, practicing sports, incorrect posture we assume when at home and in our daily tasks, it can help us deal with scoliosis, distortions, emotions and traumatic events that get “recorded” in our muscle memory.

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This lesson focuses on extravagant movement of our spine, creating fluidity and working the rigidness of that area. This practice requires energy, devotion, will, discipline and focus (all important and useful aspects in our lives).

Level : Intermediate

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Reinforces the immune system, does wonders to the heart by stimulating the blood flow and opening up all the thoracic region, relaxing all the muscles.

Builds our self-trust by forcing our mind to trust our own movement and our body, overcoming fears and limitations.

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