Nu yoga project

NU YOGA arrives in a time where Yoga is gaining a lot of attention not only in Portugal but all around the world, more people are trying it.

The “globalization” of Yoga brings about an expansion and evolution to the practice that has been consolidating itself for the past decades. Teachers, students, the studios and Yoga itself, are today very different from what they were before the pre-internet Era.

Nowadays our lifestyle has a very high pace, and our time is more limited than ever. We need to adjust our practice to an increasingly dynamic lifestyle. Our bodies need movement while our minds need quietness.

At NU YOGA all these elements combined themselves in order to provide an unique experience for our clients, allowing a total immersion in Nature, just 400 meters from one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal, Guincho beach, all the team at NU were handpicked based on their experience, innovation and quality, all factors that make NU YOGA a one of a kind project in Portugal.

From creating events where Yoga, Nutrition, Health and Wellness are the cornerstone, to Workshops that intend to add more Knowledge and Movement, at NU YOGA our mission is to allow practitioners to feel more capable and empowered to create and shape their own reality based in their principles and ideals.

Good practice,