Mobility Yoga

With sara hu

The Mobility Yoga class focus on working areas of our body that are more susceptible to decreasing mobility and stability, due to our daily routines and sedentarism.



Sara combines Yoga and Pilates with her knowledge in the physiotherapy area in order to provide a dynamic, fluid and creative class with a therapeutical and functional objective.

It will focus on increasing our bodily awareness and motor control all through out the practice, aligning it with a more conscious and efficient breathing.

Level : Open to all levels



The classes will provide an increasing mobility and stability in our body.

The students will feel more flexibility in tighter areas and an increase of muscular strength in more unstable areas.

The objective of this class is to enhance the performance of the human body and to diminish possible pain, allowing a sensation of physical and mental well-being.



  • Tuesday: 10:00 (duration 1h)