with Thany

Thany comes from a school where dynamic and precision are key assets. In Yoga every part of our body is associated to an element, an emotion and a strength. Exploring those paths is essential to our health and well being. In this module we will explore the water element through hip opening and rooted movements to bring more focus to our minds and control of our emotions.



It´s a fluid practice that explores the mobility of the hips in different ways. The hip connects our torso to our inferior members allowing numerous functions, a blockage of this area will limit the natural movement of our bodies. The hip is the area where all tension and emotions gathered, it is also the area of the second chakra, of the water element.

Level : Open to all levels



To have focus during our daily tasks, we have to work on our emotions and tensions. Allowing ourselves to fully embrace our mind with clarity and objectivity, to benefit of all the fluidity of movements that are necessary on our daily lives, coordinating them without pain or any sense of blockage.



  • Monday: 10:30 (duration 1h)

  • Monday: 19:00 (duration 1h)

  • Saturday: 09:00 (duration 1h)