Pedro Barbosa


Hello, my name is Pedro Barbosa, I am portguese/ brazilian and I have started my path on yoga eight years ago. In the last year of 2017 I moved from Rio to Lisbon to seek a different path. I decided to leave my career as a lawyer and take the courage to follow a dream, in which I could help people get to know theirselves better, reconnect with their inner self, and where I could connect with my truest self, that would actually make sense for my life. 

Through yoga, in addition to all of its physical and mental benefits, of integrating human beings, I provide to exchange knowledge and meet people with different cultures almost every day. Through yoga I reach people who believe in the way of goodness and who seek an improvement not only personal, because it starts inside themselves, but also for the society as a whole, and connecting different minds in this same tune I can feel that somehow I am able to change the world and my reality.